Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 4: House renovation*

You could spend your whole life looking at wall tiles - pop ones in candy colours, geometric ones, metro ones, understated ceramic ones, porcelain floor tiles. How to stop??! The answer is when you have builder's knocking down walls, a looming deadlines and a brief to stick to, then is the time to stop...The brief for the bathroom here is 'contemporary eclectic'. We have dark, dramatic floors, white neutral walls and so some bold feature tiles in a geometric pattern or a bright colour will make the whole room pop. For geometric and patterned tiles I saw some stunners at Fired Earth, Emery & Cie, Dar Interiors, Motif Tiles and Bisazza. But to get the intricate pattern effect we wanted was going to take some serious dosh. So the bold colour option seemed more viable - I found some amazing large format glass tiles in red, pink and orange which fitted the bill, but glass tiles in the shower area = high maintenance in hard water areas [who wants to scrub walls tiles every day?]. So cue some large scale wall tiles in ceramic - Johnson Tiles and Surface Tiles were my saviour. In the end 'my client' went for Milan Blue ceramic tiles 300x600mm by Original Style.

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