Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 2: House renovation*

Day 2:
The bathroom.

It's day 2 and we know where the services will run and have decided on a layout. There is little time to ponder over a brew and a breakaway as the builders are busy knocking down walls ha ha. What next? It's time to think about the 'envelope' - what materials will we specify for the floors and the walls? Get these right and the rest is easy. Get it wrong and you'll be looking at expanses of cheap and nasty for years and years. For the floor there are clear favorites for a family bathroom - ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, rubber flooring. [wood flooring was a no-no, not for messy little ones]. I don't love ceramics though [they chip easily] and while rubber is warm and tactile, it gives a very specific look [60's pop]. So porcelain is the best - it's impossible to chip or scratch, is super waterproof and can look expensive without taking all your dosh. Stontech 1.0 do a stunning porcelain tiled floor [pictured] in black/brown and it's suitable for bathrooms. Yummy. Available from Surface Tiles, £67 per sqm.

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