Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 1: House renovation*

I am redesigning my brothers interiors.

The bathroom is heading up to the stars, leaving room for an 8metre kitchen yee ha. This will be a challenge for the upstairs layout [we are effectively squeezing a bathroom into the third bedroom, while trying to keep that bedroom as a working space]. Nothing that some clever space planning won't solve. So before we can even really begin to think about concepts the walls are coming down! And the concept? Well, it's a family bathroom, so above all else the materials must be robust to splashing and bubbles. Robust materials don't mean we have to leave style at the door. The other golden room with family bathrooms - circulation. When you have 10 squillion bodies all vying for the basin, you need room to manouvere. Space is a luxury, but carefully locating basins, baths and toilets buys back valuable inches. So the concept? Bright eclectic. Contrasted with a dark floor. So you get a big fat slap across the face when you take your morning shower. And the colour shot is one for the kids too.

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