Monday, 8 February 2010

Hackney glass extension - Platform 5*

Everyone is talking about the glass side extension to a Victorian east London house by architect Patrick Mitchell of Platform 5 Architects. And I mean everyone. That's all I have heard today. And there is no doubting that as well as being beautiful, the extension has transformed the rear of the dark Victorian house into something light-filled and utilitarian. The architect has built in a quirky and snug window seat for lazy afternoons gazing into the garden. And the huge glass door on the left pivots open, linking the inside with the outside. But while I admire the space I don't love it. The contrast between the roughness of the Victorian bricks and sleek new glass is great, but the overall feel of the room is a little stark and bare. I can't imagine warm times spent in there. It's not the cosiness we all crave right now?

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