Monday, 22 February 2010

Dean Street Townhouse*

Regency style - tick. Cosy escapism in central London - tick. BritArt in the rooms - tick. Roll top baths in the bedroom - tick. Dean Street Townhouse is the new hotel from the Soho House people. I'm a big fan.

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  1. Hello ambre soleil, wel am oes.

    I hope you are happy, I like the blog and good luck with finding a house, the age of austerity is round the corner though so speculate bravely, Im sure you will.
    Ill cut to the quick, we are having a small rebrand and refurbish in collie towers and though Im a proficient magpie, a major failing of past collecting habits was to hoard shiny examples of design studios or whatever people like to call them these days. I was thinking just on the off chance that you may have a resource or indeed, may have worked on one and have some archive you can pillage and send to me? That would be tres good, if not then dont worry about it. Ive reached saturation point now... I just want burn everything and work in a white cube. Ps Im not sure what regency style is but if it means having a grand bed, chairs and a poncy bath in one small room then I'm not that much of a fan. I shared a double in a B&B on Swansea seafront once which had the shower and toilet unit in the middle of the room, Im not sure if that meant it was regency style, what it did mean was that I had to avert my eyes whenever my room mate wanted to ablute, its an experience id never want to do again.

    Am y tro (do you like my welsh?)