Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Melin Tregwynt*

Week 3 of my residential loft project. With all the industrial materials in the space, I need something to soften the look. Melin Tregwynt fabrics will be perfect. Set against slate or rough stone finishes, copper and aluminium, these traditional welsh woven wool blankets and throws will bring a cosy edginess. Having given it a lot of thought [!] I think my favorite fabric is the bold Knot Garden, available in graphite, peat, teal, and heather. To carry the theme through the space, I think I might specify a Melin Tregwynt fabric headboard for the master bedroom. Interior designer Ilse Crawford has done an amazing job at The Olde Bell with some stunning Melin Tregwynt fabric covered banquettes. One thing you should do is go and visit the Melin Tregwynt mill one Pembrokeshire summer to see how the fabric is made and eat cake in the cafe. I cycled there, happy memory

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