Monday, 18 January 2010

A Girl's Guide to Decorating - Abighail Ahern*

I am amazed I have found the time to blog today in between work projects and trying to find a new home. Lunch was a diet coke at my desk and tomorrow will be an early work train : (. I've been reading A Girl's Guide to Decorating on my way to work. It's by interior design hero Abigail Ahern [if you haven't been to her Upper St Islington shop - go]. At first I was worried it was going to be a bit condescending [how to hold a screwdriver if you are a girl etc] but it's not. It shows how to do useful DIY tasks - things that you will do yourself like paint floorboards - if you are a hands on kind of girl like me. The book also talks about space planning, and other key design considerations like lighting. I painted my lounge in Crown 'Downpipe' last year, pictured. I love Abigail's design, mostly because she's not afraid to use dark colours - and it works.

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