Monday, 7 September 2009

La Braderie flea market

What is a girl to do to get original pieces for her interiors scheme? Take a Eurostar to Europe's biggest flea market, that's what. La Braderie is over 100km of trincket* treasure heaven. Locals empty the contents of their houses onto the streets of the city and set up stalls alongside antiques traders and dealers with specialist pieces. So it's possible to pick up trinckets for as little as 1 euro or splurge on a unique piece at the dealer stall next door.

Me and Janie exhausted our feet and French haggling skills over two days and came away with two cases full of treasure - from 50's ceramics and glass, to decorative tins, industrial lighting pieces, cutlery and some quirky paintings. When we were done with trincket* hunting it was time to add our moule shells to the piles outside the restaurants that line the city and enjoy the local beers. The Braderie runs from 2pm Sat all night to 11pm Sun every year, one weekend in early September. Take a big case - and lots of stamina

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