Friday, 18 September 2009

I heart Canteen, Spitalfields*

London Design Festival starts today, woo hoo. Lots and lots and lots to see. Which means, must think about places to rest weary sneaker feet in between shows. It's not hard in Spitalfields, home to Canteen, my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world. You can go there day or night and find something nice and tasty and British to order. Breakfast is good on the comfy green banquettes with a hangover, brunch is fun on the perky blue, red and yellow stools looking out on the market [great for watching the London people go by], or when the light outside goes, dinner is intimate under low level Bestlites.

Universal Design Studio are clever people - the materials they chose [oak benches, marble clad walls, cork flooring, tweed upholstery] are solid and reflect the honest British food on offer. The interiors are inspired by mid century design ideology - everyone can have their victoria sponge cake and eat it together - democratic dining. The twist of genius is how special the design makes you feel when you sit inside.

Create the look at home with Windmill Furniture, Bestlite and Bute fabric.

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