Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Marylebone bar interior - The Swan & Edgar

I like my Sunday lunch with my mate Knowlesy and a fab, original interior thrown in. And the new Marylebone pub The Swan & Edgar is just that. The bar staff are super chatty [amazing for London] and they told us that the quirky interiors were designed by the owners relative as a labour of love.

The downstairs area is tiny - so small it's like being in someone's front room. Maybe that's why the place feels so intimate. The patchwork banquettes made out of scrap pieces of tweed and wool add to the cosy feel. The centrepiece is the bar which is wittily made out of piles of paperbacks glued together [impossible to pull out, I know, I tried!]. The book theme is continued outside with a row of books presented on a shelf above the pub entrance. My favorite piece of the design was the patchwork wallpaper made out of old Financial Times, and this was carried through on Eames Eiffel chairs with FT papier mache. This is one quirky, cute interior.

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