Friday, 26 June 2009

Cha Cha Moon, W2

I met Knowlesy last night for west London noodles. While the noodles were average the interiors at the new Cha Cha Moon were amazing. The designers said they wanted to create a 'rich space with very simple materials'. And that's what we get. As diners you are hugged by 6cm diameter bamboo rods that undulate the length of the restaurant roof, creating a warm environment. Diners sit on separate benches, positioned close together - communal dining but in smaller groups. Milled bamboo tables continue the oriental theme, along with mirrored surfaces that add a welcome touch of glamour. We sat on black metal benches which look great - but were less than comfy after two hours.
At one end was the open plan kitchen and at the other, a sleek well-maned bar serving welcome ginger, carrot, rose water and apple juices. With benches, bamboo ceiling rods and stripey lino flooring all running the length of the room, the interior seems to stretch on forever. The real surprise were the toilets - fabric textured doors and walls, infinity sink and cute neon signs designed by North. An unexpected flash of glamour in what is essentially a fast noodle joint. The food ain't much to shout about but I've been talking about the interiors all day.

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