Friday, 8 October 2010

Ye Olde Bell*

I have paid lots of money to stay in 'design hotels' recently, and it got me thinking - we pay hundreds of euros, and get rooms designed as 'concepts' - they look ok, cost loads, have a toilet behind a half height frosted screen in the bedroom [Hi Hotel, Nice - don't go there!] but where is the comfy quilt, the open fire, the cosiness? It almost makes me hanker after some old school chintz...kinda. That way, you feel spoiled, comfy, at home [while being away and without all the laundry...]. I have seen photos of Isle Crawford's new design for Ye Olde Bell and it's top of my wishlist of stay places. It seems like the perfect autumnal or winter place to stay. The style is British - cosy - cool - country - bolthole. You can have a bath in a rolltop and then jump into bed with grey wool and Melin Tregwynt throws. Then spend the night reading from the Penguin Classics library at an open fire. If you don't see me one weekend, it's because I've got lost in this place.

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