Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Modern rustic kitchen*

I am supposed to be researching garden eco studio for a project but find myself thinking about kitchens, and styling them. Maybe I will design a kitchen in 'modern rustic style' for our next house. Or maybe not. But it's nice wasting time thinking about it. I could contrast some glossy white surfaces and units with beautifully grained wood. An Aga would look stunning, but is a big fat cliche these days [and an eco nightmare], so maybe a silver range cooker would be better. I could expose some beams and floorboards, paint them white and satin varnish them. And stick a big old table in the middle of the room and invite everyone around. I could accessorise with copper pots, industrial metal signs and a Dualit toaster, and show off beautiful ceramics on open shelving. I could go on, and waste the rest of my day on this...

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  1. Living etc collection stuck in boxes in our wreck of a house.... Meeting with kitchen designer tomorrow.....thank you so much for posting these some of my favourite pics from the mag and exactly what I was looking for... I'm going for the Esse ec4i induction with a plus 1 wood burner at the side good price next to aga! Thanks again you have really saved my bacon!