Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bathroom inspiration

It's good to be back after sunning myself in Turkey for two whole weeks [I made sure I had heaps of interiors reading entertainment]. And since then I took myself off to those clever people at KLC design school to learn the latest on kitchen and bathroom design. Designing kitchens and bathrooms can be scary - all that water and electricity! The challenge is make fantastic looking schemes that also function for you, or your client. Two bathroom schemes that currently love are by Wily Gufron and Kim Stapleton. They both achieve the expensive hotel, high-end look that is becoming easier to replicate at home. In particular, I love the blocky, bold architectural style of Wily Gufron's design [though I'm not sure how comfy the oblong bath would be!] Kim Stapleton's design is more organic and oriental in it's approach, and just imagine how lovely that outside stone bath would be on a summer's day! All I need now is a new house and a new bathroom to design.

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