Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Taxidermy & Les Trois Garcons*

For our 10-year anniversary I don't think my lovely man expected to be transported to a bistro in the French Baroque style, eating tasty food under cloudburst chandeliers next to draped curtains to the crooning of Edith Piaf. And of course, we had an aviary of stuffed birds and a stuffed tiger for company... I honestly cannot imagine a more magical and theatrical interior in which to eat my din dins. Even the taxidermy had diamentes draped over them. I know that taxidermy isn't everyones thing, but it's making a big interiors comeback. Designers such as Sebastian Errazuriza and Alex Randall are taking an interiors lead from Les Trois Garcons with their mysterious stuffed animal creations. The duck lamp by Sebastian Errazuriza certainly makes a change from an Ikea print in a blond frame! And I love the softness and naturalness of the pidgeon against the industrial light cord on Alex Randall's pigeon light. The feel maybe slightly gothic, even morbid, but they add a touch of beauty and orginality to a room and take the recycling ethos to the extreme! Look at Jericho Hands for inspiration - even if the website is a bit cluncky.

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